GDPR: get ready for this new law

GDPR: get ready for this new law

We are inserted in a context in which updating and computerization are constant, in addition to the increasingly frequent circulation of data on different platforms. With that, we can say that the sentence "Personal data is the new oil" has never made so much sense.

The subject Information Security has always been considered an important methodology to be implemented and followed by organizations, becoming even more necessary due to the accelerated transformation and digitalization scenario, which the world has gone through in recent decades. With the constant increase in the collection and transactions of personal data, Information Security alone did not have sufficient policies and controls to manage the information network, and the restraining of abusive practices. Therefore, it was necessary to prepare and apply GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which aims to guarantee the protection of personal data.

With this scenario of adaptation, the main question is: how can I prepare myself for this new Law?
Data protection is already in place in other countries and, the law in Brazil, came into force in 2020, in order to ensure that the company’s actions of data privacy, and that it enables its users to control them. These proposed changes transform not only the way the organization manages and stores the information, but its own way of operating that, in many cases, transformations of entire processes will be necessary to adapt to GDPR.

The main changes that must be studied and applied in the company`s procedures, must cover: data security; collection and management; monitoring information; data sharing; audit on treatment; management of agreement terms and anonymity; access requests; impact reports; and legal adjustments regarding contracts with third parties and employees.

GDPR has motivated companies to review their usage policies, in addition to their treatment and storage of information.

To learn more about this Law, click here and check it out.

*Law valid for Brazilian territory. Check in your country if there is a Data Protection Law.

*Text prepared by SystemHaus Team.

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