Process of Fiscal Control - Antara

Process of Fiscal Control - Antara

The process of fiscal control refers to the set of activities carried out by tax authorities of a country or jurisdiction to inspect and verify taxpayers` compliance with tax obligations, whether they are companies or individuals. The main objective of fiscal control is to ensure the correct collection of taxes and prevent tax evasion, ensuring that everyone contributes in accordance with the current legislation.

In Antara, the Fiscal Writing process involves determining tax obligations imposed on companies according to Municipal, State, and Federal legislation, based on their location. This module enables fiscal controls based on specific tax determinations for each company or industry, in accordance with their tax profile.

Based on the determinations made on movements within the fiscal period - including fiscal material receipts, invoicing with fiscal registration on the invoices, and the determination of taxes related to these incoming and outgoing movements in Antara - "Official Files" are generated, such as SPED, EFD, ICMS, IPI, for example.

The official files are used by the supervisory authorities as a source of information to verify compliance with fiscal obligations for each company. Based on these files, the need for audits by supervisory authorities is also identified.

Therefore, it is essential for taxpayers to be aware of and comply with applicable fiscal obligations in their location, in order to avoid legal and financial issues, and to keep all information recorded in Antara easily accessible for consultation and analysis. In case of doubts or difficulties, seeking guidance from specialized professionals such as accountants or tax lawyers is always recommended.

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